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Thank you for your interest in Couture Confection LLC's upcoming collection. 

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First thing you should know is that I have been obsessing about this concept for almost a decade and love puns and euphemisms. I'm finally "cooking with gas" so don't be surprised if you start getting hungry. 


Coming soon

Our Confections are still baking!


Dress: Lavender Earl Grey Madeleine


Not only will my confections have drool worthy names such as, "Lemon Curd Meringue" and "Mixed Berries and Cream Tart". But they'll have you looking like a snack while you wear them! These princesscore/fantasy inspired ballgowns, and non-traditional wedding dresses will have corset style bodices, full skirts and decadent fabrics, prints and color.

I'm currently still searching for a manufacturer but will be releasing a limited line of gowns until I find the right partner. These gowns will be available for consumption but like most bridal lines will have a 4-6 month lead time for production. 

I’m also extremely excited for the line of detachable garnishes, such as sleeves, garlands and over skirts that I have in the works, allowing you to mix and match with any of our dresses to add a little “frosting” to your look.

This step into working with a manufacture has me feeling a dash sad that these wont be the unique gowns that I'm used to providing for my clients. So I will continue to drop one-of-a-kind designs every now and then that will be available for immediate purchase through our website.

My gowns will not have traditional sizing. In order to accommodate a wide range of sizes and body types, and to have a more flattering fit, sizing will be determined based mostly off just your waist and bust measurements. Adjustable full skirts and corseted backs will not only allow for a better fit and less alterations needed but also you'll wont have to stop wearing your favorite gown due to minor weight fluctuation.

I know it is not fool proof and still might not work for every body but I hope it will open up a range that most other companies do not take into consideration. 

Sizes will range from 24 inch waist to 58 inch waist and hope to eventually expand bodice patterns to include options for both smaller and larger cup sizes. 

For size labels, instead of nonsensical numbers being associated with each size that are never standard across brands, I have decided to assign descriptions to each measurement (that I know each customer portrays) following an alphabetical pattern. For example; a 24-25 inch waisted dress will be labeled as “A” for alluring, amazing or astonishing and a  25-26 inch waisted gown sized “B” for bewitching, beautiful or bombshell!




I'm currently searching for an American manufacturer that will value the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that I want for my brand. It is important to me, while looking for a manufacturer, that I'm be able to have in person meetings with them, as well as physically see the production process of my products.


Though I don't know what each gown will be priced at yet, I do know that cost is a huge factor when deciding to purchase fashion and I'm striving to keep my designs as affordable as possible while making sure this can become a successful business. With high quality fabrics, expert craftmanship and being couture garments, handmade in the US, I hope you will see the value in my creations. 


THE TIMER HAS BEEN RESET! Unfortunately the launch date for our line needed to be pushed back but we are now planning to launch a limited collection of confections in the spring of 2024. I will update when I have an exact date. These gowns will be available for ordering as soon as they are released but due to being made to order and by hand there will be a 4-6 month lead time. When you place your order we will contact you to let you know the estimated date of delivery but if you have a specific deadline please let us know before purchasing.



Please consider how you might help support my small business. Even if you don't like dresses or are unable to purchase, please share with your friends, family, or followers. 

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